Blink Lash Stylist

BL ULTRA+ glue adhesive for eyelash extensions, 5 grams

This is the favorite eyelash extension adhesive of our BL academy trainers. With a 3 second setting time, up to 7 weeks retention, and an average amount of fumes, this glue is suitable for technicians at all skill levels and most clients.

Forced to make a choice from the glues in the low viscosity group of BL glue, we?™d recommend this one.

  • High performance: powerful bonding and long retention
  • Thin, liquid-like consistency
  • Setting Time: 1-2
  • Retention: about 7 Weeks
  • Technician Profile: all levels
  • Client Profile: average tolerance to glue fume & odors
  • Techniques: classic & Volume
  • €19.90
  • €30.00
  • - 34%
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