BIS Pure Brows

BIS Pure Brows Express Lamination Brow LIFT 1st step, 5ml

Brow Lamination – the NEW eyebrow trend!

Special wax structure product, airless packaging with dispenser. The eyebrow treatment which restructures brow line, helping to keep them looking luscious and always natural. The result – brows looking luscious and naturally fuller, more defined and feathered.  

BIS Pure Brows Protocol of procedure:
   1. Remove any excess makeup from eyebrows, comb  them  thoroughly in different directions and make sure they are completely clean and dry before you start  to work.

   2. If the client has wiry, unruly eyebrows, or if you want to make your  work easier, use the pre-treatment Lift Me Softly. Apply it all over eyebrow hairs and allow  it  to dry for 60 seconds.

   3. For individual  hairs is possible to use Laminating  glue - apply as little glue as possible and comb eyebrows into the desired position  using a round mascara brush.

   4. When desired shape is achieved, apply 1st formula Brow Lift on brows with lint-free applicator and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

   5. Remove excess of Brow Lift with a clean, lint-free applicator in the direction of hair growth. Do not use water. (Applicators are disposable products, use a clean applicator for each step).

   6. Apply Brow Fix and leave it for 10 minutes.

   7. Perform eyebrow tinting  by mixing  BIS Pure Brows dye  with BIS Pure Brows 3% oxidant. Remove tint with clean applicator.

   8. Apply Brow 3D Boost all over  the eyebrows, remove  any product excess  from skin and eyebrows. Exposure time 3-5 minutes.

   9. Comb eyebrows and apply  Express Lamination Keratin Bomb care gel  for a healthy and shiny result.

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