BIS Pure Lash

BIS Pure Lash glue activator BOOSTER, 20 ml

Fast Acting Booster speeds up the curing time of your adhesive without causing shock polymerization. It is very gentle product with several times lower alcohol content than in traditional glue activators and starters.

Fast Acting Booster in contact with cyanoacrylate immediately improves adhesion between eyelashes and glue, does not make the glue porous. This product works with any kind of eyelash glue, regardless of glue parameters - moisture, drying time etc. Fast Acting Booster exposure effect accelerates the action of any glue by 0.5-1 sec.

Apply 1-2 mm of product to the lower part of the false eyelash line while they are still in the package and continue to work as usual. Repeat the application of Fast Acting Booster if you see that the glue is working too slowly.

Increase bonding with eyelash glue, reduces the time of polymerization of the adhesive, as well as the total length of the procedure.

Exposure time: 1-2 minutes before the procedure.

Pure Lash production is manufactured only in Europe according to ISO Standard 10993-5 in conformity with EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 and EU Council Directive 2001/95/EC

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