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Closing Sale! BL Lash MATT Mink for eyelash extensions, classic 0.15

Professional eyelash extensions matted Mink lashes by Blink Lash Stylist. Ultra soft and light, use to create classic eyelash extensions for light volume effect.

Thickness 0.15 mm

Shapes: B

One size package: 9 or 13 mm

Why BL Mink Lash Extensions?

We believe great ingredients make great products. This is why we insist that our Classic Mink Lashes are made only from Korean PBT fiber. The material remarkably consistent in properties such as ductility and elastic recovery.

As a result, mink lashes purchased from BL Lashes make the most accurate colors and stable curls.

All mink extension lashes are robustly inspected by means of a 5 stage quality assurance process, which ensures that every Classic Mink Lash curls and tapers to perfection. Working with a product as trustworthy and reliable as this leaves you to focus on your artistry.

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