• CARBIDE bit for manicure and pedicure TG4

CARBIDE bit for manicure and pedicure TG4

Carbide bit can be used for:

• Thick and thin layers for removing artificial material
• Work with naturally dense and firm nails
• For correction of artificial nails
• For partial removal of the nail plate
• For treatment of blisters, corns and overgrown skin layers
• For the treatment of foot hyperkeratosis

Diameter mm - 2.3
Length mm - 8

    The application is determined by the color indicator on a metal base:
    BLACK - removing the artificial nails
    GREEN - artificial nails & nail design
    RED - for cuticle and natural nails
    PURPLE - artificial and natural nails
    BLUE - artificial nails removal
    YELLOW - for nail polishing and pedicure
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