Glam Lashes

Glam Lashes eyelash extensions adhesive CLEAR, 5 ml

Volume: 5 ml

Color: Clear

Drying time: 2-3 seconds

Bonding time: 4-5 weeks

This adhesive is specially produced for eyebrow and eyelash extensions. Clear PRO holds powerful bonding and flexibility. Adhesives fumes and odor are removed to the minimum, so there is less risk of allergic reaction. This adhesive is liquid and transparent.

The adhesive is of high quality and medically approved. Only for professional use.

*Shake the glue before every use for a few seconds.


1. Apply a small amount of the glue on a stone or glass surface. By applying the glue on some flat surface the glue consumption is reduced significantly, because it does not dry out during the procedure.

2. With a straight tweezers take the eyelash extension and dip it in glue not touching glue liquid with the tweezers ends.

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