ItalWax hot film WAX in granules for depilation WHITE CHOCOLATE, 100/500/1000g

Package: 1000, 500 or 100 grams.

White Chocolate - Medium dense wax with titanium dioxide and light vanilla aroma.
White in color, non-transparent. Characterized by high plasticity without creating stretchy threads.
Does not leave irritation or redness on skin.
Its soft and smooth structure gently covers each hair and pulls it with less pain, whereas sweet aroma relaxes the client.
Effective for removal of coarse and short hairs, recommended for Brazilian waxing. Setting up time 6-7 seconds.
Best seller in Europe!

Made in Italy professional quality.
ItalWax FILM WAX – an improved hot wax option.
Film Wax has a lower melting temperature 104-113* F.  
It completely provides the relief of depilated area, catches all hair close the skin surface which allows hair removal from hard to reach areas on the first try.  
It is applied in a thin layer using the spatula regardless of hair growth direction.
Film Wax application can't be broken during removal and sticks only to the hair and not to the skin, reducing pain and skin irritation during the procedure.

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